Waiting for the Days

by Cakanir

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released March 23, 2011

produced by Cakanir




Cakanir Paw Paw

Cakanir is an 18 year old Electronic Producer from Paw Paw, Michigan, who is currently living in Chicago. He makes all sorts of music, from ambient and drone, to Dubstep, to Gabber, and has been doing so for a number of years.
P.S. It's pronounced "Sah-Kah-Neer"
P.P.S. It doesn't mean anything
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Track Name: I'm Glad You're Here
My life doesn't feel so full
My life is so dull

But here you are today
Telling me that it's okay

I'm glad you're here
To whisper in my ear

I love you
I love you
Don't worry, Love
No Harm Will Come
To You
Track Name: Waiting for the Days
I am waiting for the days
when we are lovers in the moonlight
I am waiting for the time
alone together in the sun...